REunite! - Edward My Life - Mark Heslehurst

One man’s fight to be REunited with his son and give peace to his family scattered around the world. A Father who will not quit .This is a story of  Love .


After five years of fighting to be Reunited with my son I have written all in a book (May 2013). The circumstances are such that if the book sells I will be able to bring my son home permanently-this is only about Love.

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The following is a shortened version of this story in the form of a ministerial briefing.

Ministerial Briefing.

Key words

  • Corporate Abuse, International Child Abduction, Fathers campaign to be reunited with his son.

Executive Summary

  • This is a verified story . One man’s journey to be reunited with his son.
  • Mark Heslehurst, from Middlesbrough is attempting to be reunited with his son Edward (a British/French National aged just 10 years old) who is currently living in Cambodia with his mother Dominique after she fled for her and her sons  safety from the threats of a very powerful global company called BioMérieux.
  • Dominique has refused  to return to her native France because of fear of this company, and the very deep psychological trauma associated with this case.In Cambodia she became suicidal and worked in fields which were still mined and full of high explosives .Dominique will not return to England ater her marriage was destroyed and both she and Mark had become ill .
  • Mark  collected over 100 000 signatures including a dedicated support  group of 48,000 with a view to raising this issue up the political agenda and get a debate in the House of Commons on the corruption practices and threats of this company against his family.And through awareness this debate will bring a way be found to return his  abducted son.
  • Mark is seeking assurances from the British Government for the family’s safety and their intervention to mediate a return of Edward his son back to the UK.To review its association with Biomerieux .
  • Mark wrote 40 times to his local MP Sir Stuart Bell (Labour), and was unsuccessful in meeting with him, being told to go away until he had 100,000 signatures to his campaign. 1300 constituents of Sir Stuart wrote official letters asking why Mark did not recieve assistance.Mark  achieved the 100 000 signatures and Sir Stuart Bell then denied making the demand despite 9 people willing to swear affidavits under oath that he had including Michael Lunn Chairman Wealdon conservative party who went public and wrote to the PM David Cameron testifying to this.(response letter in Doxs proof)
  • Mark is determined to be reunited with his son Edward , this is a story of love and of a single mans silent, peaceful campaign for his family to be reunited.


In 1996, Mark Heslehurst (A British citizen) went to France to start a new career as a Business  English teacher where he met his wife Dominique (A citizen of France and Cambodia).In 1999 whilst working alone as an independent teacher  Mark was contracted by BioMérieux to provide English classes to the companies employees,over 350 in total. Mark established his own company the same year  totally dependent upon Biomerieux . This French based company is one of the top ten microbiology and in vitro diagnostics companies in the world. The company headquarters are in Lyon, France, but it has subsidiaries in the UK, Australia, Canada and United States. BioMérieux contracted Mark to provide English language services over four years leading to the development of one of the biggest language schools in France employing over 40 English teachers.

However, business relationships with BioMérieux broke down in 2001 after Mark notified authorities within the company regarding sexual harassment from a senior HR executive who had multiple sexual relationships with many senior executives across this company up to senior vice president level .

The Nightmare begins

The person in question was dismissed in April 2002, but had significant connections across this powerful company.These connections fearing they would be exposed began a campaign of threats to make Mark retract his complaint . As a whistle-blower, Mark Heslehurst and his wife were then subject to blackmail, loss of business contracts and had significant threats made against them. Including threats to send criminals into their home to look for papers,that Mark could be attacked and that their computers were been hacked into and their personal e mails intercepted,Dominique was 7 months pregnant whilst these threats where being made . Edward, Mark’s son was born premature in September 2002 in Lyon right in the middle of this developing situation. The stress on the family was intense but was to get worst.

The family started to receive hundreds of anonymous phone calls (some threatening). Mark  had nails placed under his car tyres 16 times over a short period of time, once with serious consequences when his car left the road.

In 2004 the French police concerned about the seriousness of the situation entered BioMérieux offices during their investigation. BioMérieux refused to give any assistance to the police. The police informed Mark and his wife that these attacks were certainly  revenge attack by people connected to the history with Biomerieux and the French Police were sure there would be more in the future. Mark was also  informed by the Gendarme that BioMérieux knew some powerful characters  in Lyon and the family should be very careful even leave the country .

In 2004, Mark decided to stop working with Biomerieux after another attempt at blackmail. But despite the break in contractual ties with this company the threats continued. Mark wrote to Alain Merieux, Head of BioMérieux in Lyon, France pleading with him to put a stop to the threats against his family.  All through the years Alain Merieux never stopped the abuse and the threats.  The threats continued and in the end this family lost everything they had built together in France , their business ( which had to be off-loaded days from bankruptcy), home, health, and marriage.

The final straw was after a call in 2008 from Thierry Bernard, Vice-President of BioMérieux, North Carolina, who spoke openly and confirmed his knowledge of previous threats made by his company to Mr Heslehurst’s family that gangsters (French word for criminals) could enter Mark’s office or home looking for papers and that the family could be attacked at any time etc .

The impacts on a family

In 2004, Mark found his wife so distressed that she was standing on the outside ledge of their property two floors up just staring into space. All the threats, lies, pressure and attacks from BioMérieux had taken their toll.Dominique Heslehurst who before her association with  BioMérieux had no adverse medical condition . Over the association with Biomerieux saw doctors for stress and blood pressure was hospitalized and had paramedics coming to her house whilst having serious panick attacks ,saw psychiatrists and  mis-carried several times. Biomerieux named with all official bodies .

The family returned to England in December 2006 to try to put this tragic  nightmare behind them and start again. But there was too much hurt and pain for Mrs Heslehurst, she was physically and emotionally traumatised.

In November 2007,  Mrs Heslehurst returned to France to be near her family  but she could not live in France. She had too many bad memories. She was worried she might be attacked. She was afraid to live in her own country.

When Mrs Heslehurst returned to France she was 6-8 weeks pregnant with their second child. The trauma of the prevailing years had severe mental impact on this mother. The family were forbidden in all banks after losing their company (Marks company was offloaded after 10 years of work just days before being officially declared bankrupt.) In this impossible position and under doctors advice, she terminated the pregnancy. She carries this guilt today though she had no  choice at the time.

Desperate Times call for desperate Measures

2008 The stress of the whole situation led to Dominique telling Mark that she was making plans to leave France back to her native country of Cambodia for her and son’s own safety.

When Mark learnt of his wife’s intent to flee to Cambodia to live with his son he brought his son back to England to have a legal ruling .The couple fought against each other for their own son.The 1985 Hague Convention ruled Edward had to be returned to France for a legal ruling even though Mark explained Mrs Heslehurst s condition and intent. Edward returned to France and before any further hearing his wife fled for her safety to Cambodia. Edward was taken without authority from any court and in direct contravention of the high court ruling .At this time both parents were confused, frightened and mentally unwell.

Mr Heslehurst and his wife maintained contact and his wife explained to him that she was still deeply  traumatised at the threats made towards her and her family by BioMérieux.That she could not return to England she  was so ill and had to get as far away as she could to protect herself and their son .Mark fully understood what his wife was saying and decided not to attack her further and stopped his legal action  .January 2009 Dominique was ill in Cambodia. In desperation Mark wrote (fax )  30 times over a few weeks to BioMérieux and specifically Alain Merieux (The then Chairman and remains a  major shareholder to BioMérieux) himself and Mark pleaded with him to help Dominique and Edward in any way.

The Global reach of a Global Company

2009 , Dominique desperate and ill was now working in fields which were still mined and scattered with high explosives where people had recently been killed .Biomerieux were now been contacted by official bodies from around the world. Dominique was suddenly formally requested to attend the French Embassy in Cambodia.  The French Embassy official told her that they would like to speak to her  about her health, and the welfare of Edward and named Mark heslehurst .

Dominique was devastated and thought Mark had betrayed her to try to get his son back. Fearing losing her son she informed the Embassy  “ she was happy in Cambodia “ It took many weeks for Mark to convince Dominique he had not initiated the contact with the Embassy . Biomerieux began to communicate with bodies around the world.Dominique realising  she had been tricked decided she must state why she went to Cambodia once and for all. Dominique made a video so people could see it was actually her and told all (Video bottom page) she then contacted the Cambodian press and wrote an official letter of witness. Dominique quotes in her letter of witness and in Cambodian press “I never intended to return to Cambodia, I am here because of threats made to me and my son by the global company BioMérieux, they attacked me and my husband because they found in Mark, a man they could not buy or intimidate. I feel guilty separating Mark from his son, I came here as a refugee”.

A father’s journey to be reunited with his family

Rather than take the legal route and to avoid hurting Dominique  further who had suffered so much .Mark started a global peaceful silent campaign to be reunited with his son Edward. (Mark later found out that in fact there was no legal route as Cambodia is a non signatory of the Hague Convention 1985 ).

In December 2010, Mark travelled to North Carolina USA ( Where the final call came from which scattered his family ),and spent 5 months outside the North American  HQ of Biomeireux. Sitting under a banner which showed a picture of Edward his son , and had the simple word ‘Reunite’. Sitting through the worst winter, Mark silently campaigned for 12 hours a day, and gave out 20,000 leaflets. The company paid between $30 000 and  $40,000 to the local police to have a armed sheriff keep watch over Mark . On a regular basis Mark was intimidated and threatened, moved from one day to the next. One evening the company painted an orange line two miles long, and Mark was told that if he  crossed the line  he would be arrested.Another day when the sheriff was not present, Mark crossed the line to silently campaign directly outside the doors of the company .Two men came up to him and said that if he did not leave the area, his throat would be cut.An official police investigation was opened . These are just a few of the many examples of threats Mark has incurred over the years. Of course this is all backed up by evidence.

Returning to England in September 2011.October 2011 Mark was given special permission by Charing Cross Police to silently and peacefully campaign outside Number 10 Downing street . A permit was issued, and Mark spent 11 days and 11 nights sleeping on the pavement in the most adverse weather conditions. Marks supporters  contacted many levels of the UK Government, including Mark’s local MP Sir Stuart Bell for help, but not even a meeting was arranged to hear Marks story. And then during the evening of the 11th night Mark received a text from Dominique telling Mark that Edward his son was undergoing an emergency operation. This was one of the hardest 24 hours of Marks life.

Mark  then walked from London all the way home to Teeside sometimes walking through the night , taking 15 days, giving out flyers and collecting signatures for his petition.After returning he continued to try and meet with his local MP without success.

Mark who began this journey alone, now had his 100,000 plus signatures with his target  to trigger debate in the house of commons .Over 90, 000 signatures where from Marks home area of Teesside but he still could not get local MP support .

After telling Mark to collect 100 000 signatures and he would get to meet his MP .Sir Stuart Bell now said in the media  he never made this demand. Contrary to E mails sent from Mark  .And eight people who also called Sir Stuarts office (many life -long labour supporters ) all are prepared to testify to this .

All the above Substantiated  by  legal documents,letters of witness and polygraph test supported by two of the worlds leading authorities .

Mark’s goal is clear that through the awareness brought by the British Government debating this story a way be found to reunite his family.That he can bring Edward his son home without attacking and destroying a mother and in turn hurt his son who have both suffered so much.That she has the free will to return of her own choice without legal or Government pressure to a place of comfort and security and and be allowed to recover in a stress free environment to become her former self .

Walk One .7th April 2012 Mark walked from Middlesbrough to 10 Downing street (240 miles ) to deliver his petition.Walk began with  rally in Middlesbrough in support of Marks cause.

18 th April mark handed in 100 000 petition to 10 Downing street asking his Prime Minister to help him.Mark was met in Downing street by Lord Bates .  London Mayor Boris Johnson also stood for pictures .

Quote Lord Michael Bates “Mark,s dedication and sacrifice for the cause of his son is inspiring “

01/05/2012 Mark arrived in Middlesbrough after walking back fom London .

Walk Two. 03/05/2012 Mark Began again walking to Downing street .

21/05.2012 Picture outside Downing street 1000 miles walked Mark asked by letter PM David Cameron for face to face meeting.

21/05/2012 Mark begins walk back to Middlesbrough another 250 miles.

02/06.2012 Mark arrived back in Middlesbrough 1250 miles now walked in total.

Walk Three . 04/06/2012 Mark begins walk again to london .

17/06/2012 Mark arrives in London Downing street at 12 am as planned.No meeting PM now 1500 miles walked.

30/06/2012 Mark arrives back in Middlesbrough now 1750 miles walked .On arrival in Middlesbrough Mark is admitted to hospital with severe chest pains .

Walk Four .03/07/2012 Mark sets out for London again this walk he will be supported all along the route and many will  walk with him.

19/07/2012 at 11 00 Mark arrived at Downing street now 2000 miles walked again to ask PM face to face meeting.He handed in letter ,poems and his Black stone (the last thing his son gave him and his most treasured possession ).19/07/2012 After again failing to meet his PM Mark,tired,wet and  is now walking back to Middlesbrough another 250 miles .

30/07/2012 Mark arrived in Middlesbrough 9 times now Middlesbrough-London 2250 miles walked .

Walk Five .31/07/2012 (His Birthday ) Mark sets straight off for London again (now no rest days ) on arrival 2500 miles .

13/08/2012 Mark arrived in London again, -The PM would  not meet him now 2500 miles walked .

23/08/2012 and 30 miles from Middlesbrough Mark had to take a lift to his home town after a relative taken  ill and was in hospital..Marks total walked now 2720 .

08/10/2012 Mark signed a litigation against Sir Stuart Bell with london solicitors for defamation .

13/10/2012 Sir Stuart Bell MP Died .Following the death of Sir Stuart Bell the legal action stopped.

26/10/2012 Mark and friends climbed Mount snowdon to raise profile campaign .

16/11/2012 Middlesbrough councillor Joan Mctigue arrested by Cleveland police for Harrassment of Mark Heslehurst ..She was previously given three warnings by Cleveland police to cease her activities on the 30/07 and 03/09 and 07/11.She has again shown pictures of my son on the internet.


One year since I handed my petition to Downing street and I have still not received a response? .My beautiful picture

Mark ran for MP of Middlesbrough in the by election on the 29th November 2012   . Campaign web site : 

“I tried as hard as I could though without funds or a political engine behind me I could never succeed.Also in running for political office I was over my head and exposed for what I am. A father fighting for his son. I did not succeed and lost my deposit.Picture hustings,I am second from the left.”f3

“I am now doing what I have been asked to do for many years.I am writing a book.”

My book has been accepted by an International publishers and will be available the end of April. The release of book will be accompanied by radio-tv and press releases arranged by the publisher.  Lawyers letter Libel -Book. PGI legal document BOOK.

I hope that from the awareness/sales of the book I can find a way to help Dominique and also bring my son home .

From Me to my son .Edwards Poem

Picture album walk of Love and Downing street . Enjoy .

In America :

Dominique’s video testimony


91 Responses to

  1. julie Pollard. says:

    I have followed this story for a long time.
    I have never come across a company such as biomerieux,they must go out of business.
    racist,abusive etc
    The medical world will know of this..
    I pray for a speedy resolution to this situation and for this family to know peace.

  2. Ian Blagg says:

    This story is one that needs closure.
    Biomerieux need to talk now or go out of business.
    Their repuation is already in shatters.
    We must circulate this story world-wide.

  3. Alicia Tunby says:

    I have known Mark and Dominique but a short time but in this time I have come to know them as a very special family that only wants to be reunited and they only want Biomerieux to admit their wrong doing and bring this family together in peace and security. They took that from this family and they owe it to them to give it back! What a battle this family has been through as a result of working with this company! Biomerieux needs to step up to the plate!

  4. AnneHarries says:

    Mark, the hand of God was hovering over this gentleman as he created this website. It sets out the Evil of this company and exposes the lengths they will go to intimidate.To read through in detail all that has happened to you and Dominique, one wonders how many more evil things they have done. If they have had links to things in the time of Hitler, the stain of that can still pollute their motives. I pray that justice will prevail.
    We leave the vengeance to God.

  5. Deborah Barclay says:

    I am saddened to read your story; however, it is reflective of how the world works today and is the story of many including my own. The only advice I can give is, keep your focus on the best interests of your child. As a targeted individual, our family’s are a tool: particularly our children. Understand this and you will know what you must do. I am sorry, Mark.

  6. Job well done! Go, go, go!

  7. what kind of business employs such evil people? tell us more of what kind of in-vitro work they do? Why would a French company locate in Durham, NC well known as a gay friendly, homosexual friendly city government? Is this bio-company so gay bashing as to work towards reversing a progressive city in the hate filled South of US? 843-926-1750 let us all fight racism, sexism and unethical businesses as all wages must be high union living wages everywhere

  8. Dear Mark…
    I have just finish reading your painful story and I am horrified and completely disgusted with these despicable Anti-Christ morally bankrupt scum of the earth people that are associated with that bioMerieux Firm or whatever the hell its name is! These types of global elitist really believe that they answer to no one and they don’t give a rats ass about anything or anybody but themselves and their insatiable GREED for money and power…and their One World Government BULLSHIT!!! America is at WAR with these very same socialist/marxist/communist tyrannical type bastards who have currently hijacked our elected government officials that are nothing more than a bunch of TRAITOROUS criminal USEFUL IDIOTS (including our present usurper commander in chief wannabe…obamanation! ) I know EXACTLY what you are being put through…as I too have experienced…although nothing in comparison to you…that type of unfair and unwarranted retribution…Mine came from a MAJOR Aviation Airline Company…American Airlines…who I worked for for close to 35 years as a Flight Attendant…and had to become a whistleblower in 2006…because they were knowingly flying aircrafts and flights that were safety compromised full of unbeknown passengers and intimidated Flight Crew members….and I REFUSED to fly them! These types of people have no sense of honor… nor do they posses an inkling of integrity…Destroying people’s lives is like a f# **+ing chess game to them…I am telling you that you are doing the right thing by continuing to fight for your beautiful little boy…The actions of your wife taking him to a country where you could not easily have access to him is not only completely reprehensible…but it is downright unforgivable…How dare she! I don’t care how sick she got or how afraid she became over your situation…My husband is my BEST FRIEND and I cannot even fathom either one of us doing anything so wretched as that to one another…We took an oath and a sacred vow in front of God Almighty the day we married…to love and protect one another…through sickness and health…in good and in bad times… If she became that afraid…then she needed to take her own ass out of the picture…but she had no right to take your son away from you! That little boy belongs to BOTH of you and that was NOT her decision to make!!!May God forgive her self serving actions…Her weakness and self preservation makes her part of the problem instead of part of the solution!! I will pray for you tonight on my knees and ask that the Lord bless and keep you safe until the day that you can be reunited with your boy…Keep your faith Mark…I know that the Man upstairs NEVER leaves us…even though there are so many times when we feel like He has forsaken us…For every door that He has chosen to close in your life for whatever reasons…I promise you that He WILL open up another one…and the reason I have such strong conviction on that very statement…is that He has done that for me…when you STAND UP for truth and what is right in life…as you and I have chosen to do…you will unfortunately find that 9 out of 10 times…you will STAND alone! I am very proud of you Mark…Stay strong and persevere because in the end….you WILL PREVAIL! God Bless You and your baby boy…If you need money…let me know…I will send what I can and urge others I know to do likewise…I will be posting this on my Tea Party Meetup Group Page as well as my Facebook page and send it out to all of my e-mail addresses…
    Kindest Regards
    & In Solidarity Always…
    Alicia Lutz-Rolow
    American Patriot
    (949) 322-1999 Laguna Hills, California

    • Alicia,I have been greatly touched by this response and the time you took to write this.
      My story has now develloped in many areas.I have been in the USA now for 4 months,I spent 14 weeks outside this company Biomerieux in North carolina.I was on hunger strike for 7 weeks but had to stop when i reached 50 days.I have been on US radio on 4 occasions.My life was threatened in North Carolina when my story started to come out but when we fight for our children we have to continue.
      I am actually coming to California next week were i will be in a proposed protest in sacremento ,i will be 180 feet up in a crane for 30 days with the president of a large fathers organisation in order to get media attention.After this i return to the UK and there the English are finally starting to wake up and they are planning a protest there to help.The bottom line is when this story hits the press and numbers increase this racist and abusive company will talk to me and i will be reunited with my son.My son is now ill in Cambodia and I have heard he has stopped socializing and his school have suggested he see a psychiatrist..He is only seven.I am his medicine and ll he needs.With my growing support from your incredible countrymen and now mine and God willing something will happen and this nightmare will end,Alicia you can get totally up to date on the web site and on their is a facebook account (group) I would love to see you in the group.I would appreciate any support you can bring to help us get this story out.Sorry i did not respond before,excuse me but I have been doing other things on the other web site and sitting outside this company 10 hours per day.
      Again thank you for your beautiful words…Mark Heslehurst usa number 202 352 1054 e mail

  9. Mrs.Sophie Epton says:

    I can not undersatand why this company is allowed to continue doing business, the pain and horror that Mark and
    his family are going through is unbelievable, where is the fairness in any of this story,
    But one day you will be together again , in the meantime you must look after yourself and no more talk of hunger strike, please you must not go down that road, because if you do Mark, then that company has won, and why should
    you die for them,,, So keep healthy and fit, and do not feel you are Alone Anymore, because We are All here for you
    and your family, no matter how long it takes, Please Remember that Mark,, My heart goes out to you, now , keep battling away and we will do the same, Get in touch anytime you like, im a good listener, dont suffer in silence anymore,,,,,,,,,, Sophie Epton , Nottingham, England.

  10. Butlin Cat says:

    I wish you all the best, and pray for these evil peoples demise. They are not fit to be with everyday decent people and should be locked away.

  11. I have read this and I find it rather horrifying. I am going to look into what this Bio Merieux produces and I will have NO part in providing to their profits. This is absolutely disgusting.



  12. Henry says:

    Mark, I was horrified when i read through this page to the lengths that this company has gone to merely to get they’re own way. I am disgusted at how you’ve been treated over the years yet I’m inspired as to how you’ve found the phycological strength to carry on and keep fighting, it shows how amazing people can be when paired up with determination, on the other hand also showing what happens when the wrong people are in possession of such power. I can’t begin to imaging what you’ve been through, I’ve suffered from very minor case of depression (also father son related but not even a scrape on your story)

    I personally see you as an inspiration, how you’ve stood up against such an evil company who’ve thrown they’re power around and for what reason? If I was in your shoe’s i think i would have given in by now, i wouldn’t be here right now.

    I’m also rather surprised at the government and police. I would have thought they could have gone to greater lengths for your case but only time can tell. I’m sorry i can’t do that much to help because I’m only 16 but I will do all i can ie: facebook and any forums I’m a part of. If i ever saw you in the street I’d have to shake your hand and if your going to be doing any protests in the UK I will try and be there.

    All the best, stay strong Mark x

  13. Axj Member says:

    Action For Justice ( AXJ ® ) is absolutely disgusted by this case.

  14. Mauro Merlino è un papà e un presidente di associazione : MG-informare e divulgare.
    Dal 18 agosto si è posto in stato di abbandono senza cibo e bevande in un luogo che non ha dichiarato pubblicamente.
    Con le batterie del cellulare e del pc residue o che in caso eccezionale riesce a ricaricare vuole che emerga la causa dei genitori separati e dei bambini sottratti ai genitori nei modi superficiali che purtroppo esistono in Italia.
    Sollecita le associazioni e i referenti a mettersi in gioco senza strumentalizzare o trascinare genitori in scioperi della fame e manifestazioni davanti ai tribunali.
    Chiede un dialogo delle istituzioni con le associazioni , evidenziando i genitori in questo confronto (non associazionismo in astratto).

    Mi assumo la responsabilità di questo scritto in attesa di correzioni migliori.
    Mirko G. Salotti – promotore ID (Intesa italiana per la salvaguardia dei Diritti essenziali)
    Mauro Merlino is a father and a president of an association: “MG-informare e divulgare”.
    Since August 18 he stays in a situation of abandonment, without food or drink, in a place that has not declared publicly.
    With residual batteries in his phone and PC, or in exceptional cases that can charge, he wants that it appears the question of separated parents and children taken from their parents in superficial ways that unfortunately exists.
    He urges associations and their leaderships to stand up without manipulate or drag parents in hunger strikes and demonstrations outside the courts.
    He asks for a dialogue between public institutions and associations, highlighting the parents in this comparison (no associations in the abstract).

    I take full responsibility for this document waiting to best corrections.
    Mirko G. Salotti & Co. – Promoter ID (Intesa italiana per la salvaguardia dei Diritti essenziali)
    Mauro Merlino es un padre y un presidente de una asociación italiana:
    “MG-informare e divulgare”.
    Desde el 18 de agosto se queda en una situación de abandono, sin comida ni bebida, en un lugar que no ha declarado públicamente.
    Con las baterías residual en su teléfono y el PC, o en casos excepcionales que puede recargar, él quiere que aparezca el problema de los padres separados y los niños separados de sus padres de manera superficial, que por desgracia existe.
    Él insta a las asociaciones y sus dirigentes a ponerse de pie, sin manipular o arrastrar a los padres en las huelgas de hambre y manifestaciones fuera de los tribunales.
    Pide un diálogo entre las instituciones públicas y asociaciones, destacando los padres en esta comparación (no hay asociaciones en el resumen).

    Asumo toda la responsabilidad por este texto a la espera de mejores correcciones.
    Mirko G. Salotti – Promotor ID (“Intesa italiana per la salvaguardia dei Diritti essenziali”)

  15. Mauro Merlin is one of many fathers canceled following a marital separation. Has for years conducted his personal battle against his being: to defend themselves against accusations without any foundation and instrumental, to fight in court to see recognized his natural role of being able to take part in the growth of her daughter, suffering any kind every of abuse and humiliation and psychological. Experiences such as these devastate a life, the upset and empty. He could give as many do, could get angry and give vent to his grief in anger, instead chose the road more difficult, but what really gives meaning to existence through events so painful to be. With the support and collaboration of Daniela Gregorini has created the “MG & DISCLOSE INFORM”.

    The MG is a ‘non-political association, which pursues non-profit, made up of men and women who still believe in true family values and parenting, respect and honesty, commitment and responsibility towards their children should be maintained even after a separation. Our aims are to protect the rights of families and children. A very topical issue is, in fact, that the lack of preparation in which each spouse after separation is found, and should therefore give, in terms of volunteer help to address this situation. In these cases MG provides free support of a psychological, pedagogical, social and legal, to parents involved in divorces and separations and problems in the difficult world of the relationship between children and justice. We make no distinction between men and women or between children born to couples linked by marriage or not, first of all we promote a culture of civil responsibility of parenting figural.

  16. Let’s help my friend, Mark Heslehurst, get Re-United with his son Edward. Please take the time to check out the “Link” below. TY.



  19. Jeanette Franklin says:

    Re-unite Mark and Edward xxxx

  20. maureen kidd says:

    Perhaps I’m naive or ignorant, but I can’t understand why a company biowhatever stops your son from returning to England or France, unless your ex-wife in Cambodia does not want to settle in UK. Is there a reason why you cannot visit him or for you to settle in Cambodia?

    I read all through, well most of it, but I cannot fathom what the biowhatever company has to do with you not being near your son.

    All best wishes, Maureen

    • Hi maureen,
      please read the site and it answers why Dominique fled to cambodia with testimony from herself and why she won,t can,t also explains I can live in Cambodia but my son wishes to live in England with me and all his family and why,and this is why i can do this.
      The company clearly responsible for this seperation and who now work in the Uk hold the key to my families reunion and again this is all on the site above in clear detail…


      • Joan McTigue says:

        Mark, the question Maureen above asked is being aksed by more and more people now -you tell them read through the above but the answers are not there Mark. If you say they are then please – what are they? You will help yourself and your cause if you explain. People are also asking how this government can take away her fears, does she want to come and live here etc etc. You are not prevented from seeing your son are you – you can be reunited by visiting him and he visiting you – not the best situation but one which happens when people get divorced when children are involved.

      • Joan firstly the comment from Maureen above was over 8 months ago before the site was finished and the Q & A section was added !
        Also every question you have asked I have answered or is answered in the text or the Q & A session.
        There is no question of safety in the UK and this is stated .!
        I will not know if she will come here until i can present her with an option and until I have an option i cannot present one it is all about giving her the choice to return or remain.And prevented from seeing ?? he is 12 000 miles away what parent who knows LOve says this is acceptable i have not found one also Edward wishes to be here and like any normal parent I am fighting for my son and have for 3 years .And we are not divorced this is not a marrital situation it is one of corporate abuse and threat and someone fleeing in fear as stated again and again..
        All i have stated is in the text and Q & A section….mark

      • Again flippant question but i try to answer everyone ! Dominique believes because we are 12 000 miles apart and have been for 3 years the word seperated applies however no actual papers have been served or signed so ex is in the eyes of the beholder .
        I meet people on the street though not pre arranged yet the word met applies…no one has ever written it was planned to meet Boris Johnson he came whilst we were there so we met is the correct language..and after asking the cause Boris told me that ” this is a cause he can support ” said to myself and Lord bates…
        we have since had furhet contact with Boris office !

  21. Mal Knott says:

    Middlesbrough lads, tough as the iron ore the place is built on.
    If anyone wants to know the strength of a fatghers love for his children – look no further.
    God Bless you and the little fella {and Dominique too}

  22. Sid Islam says:

    Hello Mark,
    (message from Sid Islam, MOD Police Officer)
    Hope your walk heading up north to raise awareness to your plight is going/went well.
    Did you manage to approach any ministers and press officials to highlight your cause?
    It was a pleasure meeting you briefly whilst you were camping opposite Downing Street. All of my colleagues (including the officers at No.10) admire you withstanding the harsh weather that particular week, I’m sure your campaign has been noticed by many more people and Whitehall officials.
    Hope you and your family are well…don’t lose hope buddy.
    Bye for now,

    • Sid this is for you and all the police who i encountered in London..I am a big supporter of the British police but the humanity,professionalism I met with you and the met police and the MOD police and the Downing street police really gave me a all made me feel so proud…please give my kind regards to all your colleagues and thank you sid taking the time to write here..


  23. I was very fortunate when I met Mark back in Oct, 2011 online, although back then I could only support him through prayers and talking on phone, until 1 day when God made a way for me to go to North Carolina and be by his side to help in his fight. I drove 17 hours in the rain from Florida, leaving all that I loved behind. I stayed with Mark for over 6 months and let me tell you this, I saw what drove him, what kept him strong, what pushed him on. It wasn’t money, or revenge… was the Undying, Deep and Awesome LOVE for his son, that was his motivation. This motivation, continues on and Mark will never quit. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS FATHER AND HELP HIM TO REUNITE WITH EDWARD..for those of you that don’t understand why Edward’s mother fled to Cambodia with Edward. There are 2 words to explain….EXTREME FEAR, if you read every word of the story, you would have no question
    I could go on and on, but I think you understand what I have said and understand that I now have an awesome friend in Mark, I love him dearly and wish I was there in England, still by his side in this fight.

  24. Hi Mark, I had the pleasure of meeting you in Morrisons this morning. I admire your steadfast determination in bringing your boy home where he belongs, and wish you every success, im spreading your plight to everyone i know. As a mother of 5 children, i know how important a father is in a childs life and hope your son has you in his life very soon….. xx

  25. Debbie Holmes says:

    You poor man. My heart goes out to you and your family.
    I pray you will get your lovely son and Dominique back very soon.
    No one should have to endure what you have.
    Take Care

  26. Veha Tok says:

    This business is pure evil and must be terminated before it destroys any more lives. How can such a venture operate in the EU? this is what you might expect of the Russian mafia.

  27. smiler271 says:

    I only heard of this story when at a local supermarket yesterday, I promised to do wat I could to raise awareness and get this petition signed, 100,000 names here we come…

    DP& MC Coulby Newham

  28. leanne trewhitt says:

    Hello, I’m from Redcar and I first read this story and signed the petition last week in my local Tesco store. You are very dedicated and an adoring father which is lovely to see. I sincerely hope all of your hard work pays off and that you and Edward are reunited. Your horrific story has had me in tears I can’t imagine what you are going through xx

  29. Amina Makrani says:

    Mark, reading this story makes me sad. Edward has suffered alot. I wish you all the best in this fight. Its hard but you going to win. God’s with you in this fight. My family prays for you and your family.

  30. Caron Balman says:

    Mark, where are you now?
    Caron Balman

    • Hi caron ,back in Middlesbrough trying to end this story. whilst in America I tried to contact you remember. Quite a story ! never know what life has in store for us eh ?…Still I am optimistic the outcome will be a happy one ! Hope you are ok !! Mark

  31. Caron Balman says:

    Mark, I am fine, thanks. Living in Pennsylvania – that’s why I asked where you were – thought you might be bumming around the vicinity here. When did you try and contact me? I know we emailed back and forth a couple of times several years ago. Be well. Caron

  32. sue wajs says:

    Wish you all the very best i got to meet you myself in birmingham collecting signatures,you need to be honoured with a medal for what you are doing to be reunited with edward your son,you manage to carry on even though you are so tired once again my dear friend stay strong you will get there in the end once the signatures are collected and so far the biggest group on facebook

  33. Ian richardson says:

    Ian Richardson.
    After reading this story for the thrid time and seeing the documents of proof I am disgusted in this company and the facts it is working in the UK. A am not at all surprised by the apathy of Sir stuart Bell he is a dead loss and a shame on the Labour party..With any justice in the world this company and Bell will get come up ance at the same time.

  34. Paul Brideswell. says:

    A very concise report.
    I cannot believe the powers to be have not responded yet.
    I see this company work with our health service -this is disgraceful.
    I will ask my local authorities if they work with this company if they do I will direct them to this article.
    Never give up !!!

  35. Kate Harrison says:

    I spoke to you earlier today in Middlesbrough and when you told me your story I was nearly in tears and wanted to know more so I came on here and read your story. I can’t begin to imagine what you must be going through, I presume you will be in town collecting signatures over the next few weeks. I will be telling EVERYONE I know to come and sign the petition and will be keeping an eye on your story on Facebook. I wish you all the best and pray you will be reunited with your son soon x

  36. Julie Hammond. says:

    Hello Mark.
    This is Julie Hammond . Myself and friends signed your petition outside Teesside University.
    We have read the story and WOW this is incredible and we are now circulating to all for you.
    We have friends in the unions and have sent them the link to see about this company also about the response of Stuart Bell (they have already stated they are not surprised by his apathy)..I will bring more people to sign tomorrow …

  37. rick boyle says:

    This is terrifying story of a man who stands up for his family and the rights of all who could potentially be manipulated by large corporate influence. As a new father I feel deeply for mark and hope he can get to see his son again.

  38. Barbara says:

    Hi Mark, I wish you all the luck in the world, and that your nightmare will come to an end,and your darling son is back in your safe arms also your wife,and that you live in safety in the UK and be happy.
    Regarding your MP should he not be holding surgeries so that you can meet up with you the same as other MP’s throughout the UK…

    • Thank you Barbara…As for Sir Stuart Bell he has not held a surgery in 15 years…He is a disgrace,not my opinion but the opinion of the 89 000 Teessiders whi signed my petition..

  39. Lee says:

    Hi Mark,
    Im from Middlesbrough and i’ve recently seen you petitioning in the town centre on several occasions. I had the pleasure of chatting with you around a month ago and i was impressed at how polite and friendly you were, which given the situation you are in I believe is a credit to yourself and your family. I managed to pick up a flyer from you today and after reading your story, and being glued to my screen watching several of your youtube clips, I have been deeply moved with your efforts. Your dedication to your son is second to none and through your determination I have no doubts that this issue will be brought to the relevant attention and your family will be reunited sooner rather than later. Stay strong, keep fighting and eventually you will be rewarded.
    Best Wishes,

  40. Vikki Charlton says:

    Hi Mark
    My family and I signed your petition earlier today in Middlesbrough. I wish we could have done more to help! Just wanted to wish you and your beautiful son all the luck in the world for a speedy reunion.
    Vikki x.

  41. Jemma Martin says:

    Mark, I have just signed the petition and although it is only a token of the support I can show, as I only wish I could do more, I hope it helps. My thoughts are with you and will be keeping up to date on any new developments and I only hope you are reunited sooner that later with your son. As a parent I was reduced to tears at not only your trauma fighting for Edward but the physical lengths you have went to in order to gain media and public attention, kids are our air supply and if I can help in any way dont hesitate to get in contact. I hope the PM offers his support to aid you in your fight to bring your family together, goodluck Mark all the best Jemma.

  42. tricia. says:

    The suggestions that a woman/mother who has been so damaged psychologically that she can just jump on a plane is an insult to all women and all people who have suffered trauma.I have had an experience (not as bad as this woman had ) and it was many years ago and it haunts me even today and today my life is 100 times better.This dust down get on with it society is not one that works and there are millions who agree with this incliding the professionals.I understand what you are trying to do and support this and I pray she can return to a quiet life with your son.

    Tricia white .

  43. Anthony Beaumont says:

    Mark i have followed your story and admire your desire to be reunited with your son Edward.I only hope that soon you will be reunited with Edward.I hope the Prime minister and key political figures support you in your fight to be reunited with your son.I only hope is that you are safe and well when you complete your second 500 mile long journey to London and back to Middlesbrough and that the PM understands your agony.I also would like to see key political figures on Teesside help you raise awareness.I wish you every success and me and my family will continue to wish and pray that you will be reunited with Edward very soon and that both of you can soon be back on Teesside together.Take care Mark of good luck ,safe journey to London and back take care Mark Anthony.

    • Thank you Anthony,very kind words.
      I am not looking forward to this second walk as I am tired the first took a lot out of me.
      I do think people are finally seeing despite the many layers in this story I am only interested in bringing Edward home.
      This is all that stopped me quitiing.
      key political people on Teesside can end this story and that is for sure and as you I pray they intervene.
      Have you joined our group on facebbok ? please do and be active please.
      Again thank you.

  44. amanda thompson says:

    I hadn’t heard about this; but feel sickened after reading it that this company has been allowed to get away with such despicable and horrendous abuse of this family. I will definitely re-post and try to help spread the word. I feel for you, as my family mean everything to me, and cannot begin to imagine what you are going through. I applaud your courage.

    • Dear Amanda.
      Thank you for these words indeed the only way of ending this is awareness. I am still waiting from the PM concerning the petition I handed into him and I pray he becomes involved.I begin walking again to london again on tuesday ,I do not look forward to this but I need conclusion and my son home! Thank you ,Mark

    • Thank you Amanda please circulate far and wide-awareness is the key.This is all about love the rest are side issues…mark

  45. something needs to be done to stop companies like this. The world has to know that it is NOT ok. A boy shouldn’t grow up without his father otherwise who will he watch to know how to become a man. God bless you and everything you’ve done, your an inspiration to people worldwide to never give up.

  46. carole saunders says:

    i am deeply saddened at yourplight mark, god bless you and your family. hope you get everything you seek, never give up mark.

  47. Tony and family says:

    Mark, We met at the Kestrel pub near Harrogate on Monday 28th May. You kindly took a photo of our family one of which was over hear briefly from Canada. Your story touched us and we sincerely hope and pray that you will soon be reunited with your family. How I would love to take a photo of your family together. Good luck and very best wishes.

    • Hi tony yes I remember you have a very striking family !
      I also pray you can take a picture of my family together !
      I will be soon walking past the Kestrel again as I begin my next walk perhaps we can say hello ?
      thank you .

  48. cassandra says:

    Your story is heartbreaking my thoughts are with you all stay safe

  49. Sumra Bartlett says:

    I met you at the orange store in Harrogate. Your story is heartbreaking and I hope that the company gets what is coming to them. I hope you get your son back. May god be with you and I will pass this along

    • Thank you so much Sumra ,I am not interested in this company things go around. I just want my son home .Please join the facebook group ,bring your friends and i welcome your support !! Mark

  50. Gary says:

    Hi Mark

    It’s me the bloke who gave you a lift when I saw you in the pouring rain.

    I hope you are warm and dry now and conversing with Father Ted sorry Father Chris.

    Be safe on the road my friend and if I see you on the A15 again there will always be a seat for you in my car.

    Good luck with your reunion with Edward – one day it will happen.

    Hopefully Mr.Cameron will answer you soon but keep your chin up and keep walking.

    • Hi Gary.

      Thanks for the lift-just to explain to people it was only for a few miles lol..and I had just walked 30 miles this day.
      gary I also pray the PM will meet me and help end this story because as you saw the other day I am getting very tired now.

      Keep in touch .

    • Hi Gary.

      Thanks for the lift-just to explain to people it was only for a few miles lol..and I had just walked 30 miles this day.
      gary I also pray the PM will meet me and help end this story because as you saw the other day I am getting very tired now.

      Keep in touch .

  51. Joanie Hastings-Cunningham says:


    I so sorry for your loss. “Never, never, never give up!” ~Winston Churchill. I love that because I can’t write, read or talk too well. 13th-years ago… after giving birth to my triplets, and 8-days later, I went comatose for 1-month. I was in the hospital for 4-month. I couldn’t talk for 3-years. I will so sad. And my husband divorced me, and he took the triplets with the courts knowledge.

    You don’t want to hear it, but you have keep the faith up! Please…

    Always… Joanie

  52. Maz says:

    I am so upset and horrified that this has happened to you and your family, Biomerieux are a discriminative, racist and unethical company and it is appalling that they should be above the law. After all your protesting you deserve at least a decent meeting with an MP! Is there anyone out there that still cares Bout the majority of the population, u know the working class citizens that still exist people!
    I hope that one day and one day very soon you will get the apology you deserve, get your son back and see your wife make a healthy recovery!
    The fact that large companies continue to get away with this just goes to show how corrupt the world is, even in western society!
    My thoughts are with you and I really do wish you all the best! I look forward to buying your book and will spread the word.

    • Thank you Maz- I will continue to fight for my son and having a normal life.If/when the book sells it will help bring my son home I am sure of this.Maz are you in the group on facebook then I can keep you up to date.Mark

  53. SUSAN BISHOP says:

    So much time has gone by since I came into your life when you were in America Mark.I remain until this day seeing the pitfalls of all that has happened,but for sure now after all you have tried,and all Admin has tried I think I see a light at the end of this deep tunnel we have all been in together.The book sells 50.000 copies,and Edward will come home for sure,and also if the group of hate get’s sorted we are on a good track my friend.I will be by your side until all this happens to the end.Good luck again,always.

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